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Guns Prague: Pump-action Shotgun Remington 870


Shooting in Budapest: Targets

Shooting in Budapest: Shotgun

Big Five

Budapest Shooting Experience

Shoot five of the best known types of gun in the world!


The type of guns you'll shoot on this event
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Guns Budapest: Glock pistol

Guns Budapest: .357 Magnum Revolver

Guns Budapest: .44 Magnum Revolver

Guns Budapest: Mossberg 500

Guns Budapest: Marlin 925 Rifle

Shoot 5 of the best know guns on the planet including tthe legendary .44 Dirty Harry Magnum revolver, a Glock pistol, Pump-action shotgun, and a classic hunting rifle complete with telescopic sight.

Except for the hunting rifle, the guns you'll be shooting on this event are strictly unavailable in the UK, so why not take this one-off opportunity to try out many of the legendary guns you've seen in the movies in a safe and friendly environment.

You'll also each get a chance to shoot your own Top Gun Tours "Gun Gremlin" T-shirt full of holes with the .44 Magnum as a truly unique souvenir of the event.

The event includes a competition. Transport included in the price.

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About 15 mins by minibus from Budapest city centre.

Transport included in price.


2.5 hours
(including hotel transfers)

(per person)

£53 (groups of 6-8)
£48 (groups of 9-15)
£43 (groups of 16-21)

Transport included

Other information:

  • Min 6 people - Max 21 people
  • Weekends and after 4pm on weekdays
  • Indoor range
  • A £50 group deposit upon booking and then call us to pay the balance 10 days before you shoot (UK£).




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