Pump Action Shotgun - Folding Stock


Remington 870 Pump Action Shotgun with Folding Stock

These guns are very reliable to use and enormously versatile. They easily cope with virtually any kind of shotgun ammunition from tiny bird shot for smaller game to the massive one ounce lead slug capable of going clean through buildings! They are popular in the USA with users ranging from duck and wild boar shooters, through to police SWAT teams, and are also standard issue in most American police patrol cars.

This stainless steel and chrome version with a folding stock and front pistol grip is just the job for close quarters self defense situations where it may be necessary to shoot from the hip.

  • Weight: 3.6 kg (empty)
  • Calibre: 12 bore (.729)
  • Capacity: 5 shots

Actual gun used may vary in some details from that shown.

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