Saiga 12K Shotgun - Tactical Kit


Saiga 12K Shotgun with Tactical Kit

This modern Russian semi-automatic shotgun has been based on the famous and time-proven Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle design. The "K" version was intended as a security, police and self-defense weapon, and is widely used by Russian special forces (Spetsnaz) and private security services. The Saiga 12K has proven to be both a versatile and effective weapon for close range situations, such as counter-terrorist operations inside buildings.

One of the significant superiorities of semi-auto shotguns in comparison to pump-action weapons is the high possible rate of fire. Even an average shooter firing the 'Saiga-12' can shoot a series of five targets in a bit more than two seconds; a difficult task for any pump-action shotgun regardless of the skill of an operator.

This souped up version comes complete with a red dot electronic sight for super fast target acquisition with both eyes open, a folding tactical stock, and an ergonomic front grip for maximum control in rapid fire situations.

  • Weight: 3.5 kg (empty)
  • Calibre: 12 bore (.729)
  • Capacity: 5 or 8 shots in detachable box magazine

Actual gun used may vary in some details from that shown.

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