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The Big Five

Shoot five of the best known guns in the world in just one package!



The type of guns you'll shoot on this event
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Las Vegas Gun: .38 Revolver

.38 Special Revolver
(24 shots)


Las Vegas Gun: .44 Magnum Revolver

Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum Revolver (6 shots)


Guns Las Vegas: Glock pistol

Semi-automatic 9mm Pistol
(50 shots)


Guns Las Vegas: Pump-action Shotgun

Pump-action Shotgun (5 shots)



Las Vegas Gun: Submachine gun

9mm Submachine gun (50 shots)

Take a break from the casinos and bright lights for a couple of hours and experience for yourself the thrill of shooting some of the guns that, up until now, you've only seen in movies.

First you'll be shown how to use a .38 revolver, the classic police revolver of the 1970's and 80's, and its legendary big brother the Dirty Harry .44 magnum. Next you'll graduate onto a 9mm semi-automatic pistol as carried by armed British Police Officers and SAS.

After this try a few shots on the Pump Action Shotgun as used on pretty much every USA police and prison movie you've ever seen!

Finally you'll be shown how to use a 9mm submachine gun of your choice (wide selection available). To make it a bit more interesting you will shoot your own special Gun Gremlin target T-shirt (included in price) with the submachine gun.

You also get to take your targets back home to show your friends and colleagues just how scary you are with a gun!



Typically about 1.5 hours, but may be longer for larger groups of 9 or more.





About 10 mins taxi ride from "The Strip".





We do not provide transport as the range is just a short cab ride from The Strip, but for larger groups we recommend that you pre-book separately (especially for Fridays and weekends).





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