Pay As You Shoot - Prague


Ammunition Costs: 400CZK per gun

This event does not include ammunition so that everyone can decide individually what, and how much, they want to shoot on the day. It is possible to share a turn on a gun between 2 people, or to buy more than one turn on a single gun.

This is the ammunition allowance for each 400 CZK turn by gun:


  • AK47 (15 shots)
  • M16 (15 shots)
  • Glock pistol (15 shots)
  • TP9 Close Protection Weapon (15 shots)
  • Clay Pigeon (10 shots - 5 clays)
  • Magnum .357 Revolver (10 shots)
  • .45 ACP Colt Pistol (7 shots)
  • .44 Magnum "Dirty Harry" Revolver (5 shots)
  • Pump action or Semi-auto shotgun (5 shots)
  • Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (3 shots)
  • Dragunov Russian Sniper Rifle (3 shots)


Please make sure you bring enough local currency to the range (ideally in 200CZK notes) as the range is not able to accept any other currency, or credit cards etc.

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