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  • Minimum 4 people - Maximum 45 people.
  • Groups of less than 4 people are possible but the minimum fee (to cover transport/instructors fees etc) is the price of a group of 4.
  • Groups of less than 4 people will enjoy the same total amount of ammunition as a group of 4.
  • We do not charge for spectators per se, but if because of spectators we need to send a larger vehicle to collect your group we will need to charge you for the larger vehicle and add this amount to your deposit payment.  If the number of spectators does not involve us sending a larger vehicle to collect your group we will not charge any extra.  Prague vehicle sizes are 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16, 17-20, 21-29. At present the price difference between each vehicle size is about 50.  Please contact us for the exact price of sending a larger vehicle.
  • Price includes one souvenir "Gun Gremlin" T-shirt per person which he/she will shoot with a revolver during the event.
  • Spacious and well equipped outdoor range located in the countryside about 45 mins from Prague city centre. Sheltered firing points and waiting area
  • Please advise your group to dress for an outdoor event according to the time of year - e.g.shower proof jacket April-Sept, and a warmer coat Oct-March).


Ammunition included in the event:

  • AK47 (10 shots).
  • .357 Magnum revolver (10 shots)
  • Glock 17 or similar 9mm semi-auto pistol (10 shots).
  • Pump action shotgun (5 shots)
  • High power 7.62mm sniper rifle with telescopic sight (5 shots)
  • If time allows guest are welcome to purchase additional ammunition.

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