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Perfect for those wishing to join in with friends and partners doing one of our other shooting events in Tallinn, or for larger hen parties.








The type of guns you'll shoot on this event
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Guns Tallinn: Walther P22

Walther P22 .22LR Semi-auto pistol with laser sights (10 shots)

Guns Tallinn: Makarov PM
Browning 1910 (5 shots)

Guns Tallinn: Makarov PM
Makarov PM (5 shots)


Guns Tallinn: Taurus 94

Taurus 94 .22LR Revolver (9 shots)

Guns Tallinn: .357 Magnum Revolver

.38 Special Revolver (5 shots)


Guns Tallinn: GSG-5

Walther G22 .22LR Semi-Auto Carbine (10 shots)


Guns Tallinn: GSG-5

GSG-5 .22LR Semi-Auto Carbine (10 shots)

Shooting in Tallinn: M16 Tactical

M16 Customised Tactical Rifle with telescopic sights (10 shots)

Keen to try some real guns but looking for a gentler alternative to the monster guns used on our other programmes? Look no further... The Pink Panther is currently the only programme available in Tallinn designed specifically for ladies only.

The guns on this programme have been specially chosen because they have less kick (or recoil) than other full size guns, and in the right hands are just as effective as some of the bigger more bulky guns.

But don't be fooled into thinking these are just toy guns. Most of these have been used, and are still being used by undercover police and secret agents where a compact and easily concealed personal protection weapon is a must.

We understand that most guests attending our shooting events have never fired a gun before and are probably a little nervous at first, so instructors will treat everyone like an individual and ensure that everyone goes at their own pace. We want your first experience of target shooting to be a really positive one.

As a bit of fun you will also each get a chance to shoot your own "Gun Gremlin" T-shirt full of holes as a truly unique souvenir of the event.

Shooting in Tallinn: Gun Gremlin T-Shirts 

Transport from your hotel and back again after the event is included in the price.


About 10 mins by minibus from Tallinn city centre.

Transport included in price.


2 hours
(including hotel transfers)

(per person)



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Shooting in Tallinn

Shooting for ladies in Tallinn

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