Shooting Red Army Guns in TallinnRed Army Experience

The Cold War is long gone but the weapons of the former Soviet Union live on. Experience them up close and personal for yourself.













The type of guns you'll shoot on this event

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Guns Tallinn: Russian AK47  assault rifle with tactical kit
AK47 Tactical (10 shots)



Guns Tallinn: Russian AK47 assault rifle
AK47 Classic (10 shots)



Guns Tallinn: Russian SKS assault rifle
SKS Red Army Rifle (10 shots)


Guns Tallinn: Tokarev TT33
Tokarev TT 33 Red Army officers pistol
(5 shots)

Guns Tallinn: Makarov PM
Makarov PM - KGB Agents Pistol
(5 shots)


Guns Tallinn: Saiga 12K Combat Shotgun
Saiga 12K Combat Shotgun as used by the Russian Spetsnaz
(5 shots)

Experience some of the most awesome small-arms from the former Soviet Union and see if your group has got what it takes to be Red Army troopers.

We've all seen the old WWII war films and ones here the Soviets played the "baddies" but what does it really feel like to let rip with an AK47, the WWII TT-33 Tokarev officers pistol, or any of the other classic Iron Curtain weapons on this truly unique shooting event.

Then relax and enjoy the trip back to your "barracks" in Tallinn.


About 10 mins by minibus from Tallinn city centre.

Transport included in price.


2.5 hours
(including hotel transfers)

(per person)

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Shooting in Tallinn

Red Army Shooting event in Tallinn
Red Army with their AK47 marching
Red Army Soldiers with AK47s marching

shooting bullet hole 3


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