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Prague Shooting Events

V.I.P. Early Bird Shooting in Prague

Triple Guns Sunday

4 Guns Contest

The Big Five Shooting in Prague

The Red Army Experience Shooting in Prague

The Six Pack Shooting in Prague

The Full Monty Shooting in Prague

Top Gun Firearms Academy



Discontinued - Pay As You Shoot

Discontinued - Pay As You Shoot (Ammunition info)

Discontinued - (Old version with clay pigeon) The Full Monty Shooting in Prague

Discontinued - Magnum Contest

Discontinued - Try Shooting in Prague

Discontinued 5 Guns Contest

Discontinued - Full Blast Submachine gun Contest

Discontinued Old Six Pack

Discontinued Old Full Monty

Discontinued 3 Guns Contest



Budapest Shooting Events

V.I.P. Early Bird Shooting in Budapest

Magnum Contest shooting in Budapest

Police Marksman shooting in Budapest

Red Army Experience shooting in Budapest

Full Monty Budapest

Discontinued - 3 Guns Budapest

Discontinued - Big 5 Budapest

Discontinued - Famous Five Budapest


Tallinn Shooting Events

Pink Panther shooting in Tallinn

Police Marksman shooting in Tallinn

Red Army Experience shooting in Tallinn

Full Monty Tallinn


Las Vegas Shooting Events

Magnum Shooting Contest in Las Vegas

Three Guns Experience Shooting in Las Vegas

Big Five Shooting Contest in Las Vegas

Full Monty - Las Vegas


Discontinued - Machine gun Shooting Contest in Las Vegas

Discontinued - Speed Shooting Las Vegas

Discontinued - Shoot Your Own T-shirt


Orlando Shooting Events

Try Shooting - Shooting in Orlando

Mini Marksman - Orlando


Rogues Gallery Pages - Las Vegas

Shooting Las Vegas - Nick Austin

Shooting Las Vegas - Anon LV

Shooting Las Vegas - Mike Abbott & Mark White

Shooting Las Vegas - Hannah Richardson

Shooting Las Vegas - Keith Dyer

Shooting Las Vegas - James Floyd

Shooting Las Vegas - Paul Nicholson

Shooting Las Vegas - Mike Taylor

Shooting Las Vegas - Richard Green

Shooting Las Vegas - Maurice Luckcock



Rogues Gallery Pages - Orlando

Shooting Orlando - Rupert & Helen Archer Smith

Shooting Orlando - Robert Wishart

Shooting Orlando - Debi Lee



Rogues Gallery Pages - Prague

Shooting Prague - Matthew Robinson

Shooting Prague - Stefan Harris

Shooting Prague - James Mattam

Shooting Prague - Dave Bennett

Shooting Prague - Frankie Wade

Shooting Prague - Diarmuid Coakley

Shooting Prague - Jason Mayor

Shooting Prague - Scott Hainsworth

Shooting Prague - Steve Lee

Shooting Prague - Alan McKinney

Shooting Prague - Ollie Billing


Rogues Gallery Pages - Budapest

Shooting Budapest - Jason Gill

Shooting Budapest - Michael Bassett


Rogues Gallery Pages - Tallinn

Shooting Tallinn - Darrenn Lovell

Shooting Tallinn - George Miller

Shooting Tallinn - Michael Douglas


Landing Pages

Shooting in Prague

Shooting in Prague (Google Adwords)

Shooting in Budapest

Shooting in Budapest (Google Adwords)

Shooting in Tallinn

Shooting in Tallinn (Google Adwords)

Shooting in Las Vegas

Shooting in Las Vegas (Google Adwords)

Orlando Shooting

Shooting in Orlando (Google Adwords)


Booking System Ancillary Pages

Manual Booking System Page

Deposit Payment Options

Deposit Payment Options (Budapest)

Pay Deposit Over Telephone

Online Deposit Payment

Successful Payment Made (PayPal)

Successful Payment Made (Nochex)

Check availability

Check availability (Budapest)

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (pop up version)

Terms - Budapest Airport Transfers


Guns Pages

Ruger Super Redhawk .454 Casull

Smith & Wesson 629 .44 Magnum

Smith & Wesson 686 .38SP /.357 Magnum

Colt King Cobra .38SP / .357 Magnum

Taurus 941

Taurus 94

Taurus 689

Nagant M1895

CZ Grand


Browning 1910 Pistol

Browning Hi-Power


Sig P226

Glock 17

Glock 17 - Tactical (Tallinn)

Glock 19

Desert Eagle

Walther P22

Walther P22 with laser (Tallinn)

Ruger 22/45 Mk3

Ruger MkII

Beretta Neos


B&T MP9 / TP9

B&T BT96 Swiss MP5

Model 61 Skorpion



M3 Grease Gun

Walther MPL

M1 Thompson


SKS Rifle


AK47 - Tactical Kit

SA Vz58

Saiga Kalashnikov (Discontinued)

CZ550 Varmint (Sniper Rifle)

CZ750 (Sniper Rifle)

AR15 Custom SWAT Police (Sniper Rifle)

M16 / AR15

M16 / AR15 - Tactical (Tallinn)

Ruger 10/22

Double Barelled O/U Shotgun

Pump-Action Shotgun

Pump-Action Shotgun - Folding Stock (Tallinn)

Saiga 12K Semi-auto shotgun

Saiga 12K Semi-auto shotgun - Tactical (Tallinn)

Benelli M3 Super

Mosin-Nagant Rifle

Marlin 925


Colt 1911

Tokarev TT33

Makarov PM

Stechkin APS

Beretta 92FS

Margolin MCM

Walther PP

Walther PPK

Remington 522

Springfield Timber Wolf


Walther G22


Timing Pages

Prague: Main

Prague: VIP Early Bird

Prague: Triple Guns Sunday

Budapest: Groups

Budapest: VIP Early Bird

Tallinn: Main

Las Vegas: Main

Orlando: Try Shooting / Mini-Marksman


Testimonials Pages

Testimonials - Prague

Testimonials - Las Vegas

Testimonials - Orlando

Testimonials - Budapest

Testimonials - Tallinn (under construction)


Video Pop-up Pages

Prague - 56k Version

Prague High Speed Broadband Version

Budapest - 56k

Budapest - Medium Broadband

Budapest - High Speed Broadband


Other Pages

Limo Service - Las Vegas


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