Why not try shooting in Las Vegas, shooting in Prague, shooting in Budapest, shooting in Tallinn or shooting in Orlando with Top Gun Tours. Shooting Prague, shooting Las Vegas, shooting Budapest and shooting Orlando combination photos


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Shooting pistols in Prague

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After Shooting in Prague, Las Vegas, and Orlando with Top Gun Tours this is what our customers had to say

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The Best Selection of shooting events

Shooting in Las Vegas with a semi-auto handgun
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Shooting in Las Vegas

One of the top things to do in Las Vegas. You've seen the films, now shoot the guns!

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Clear transparent pricing

Shooting in Orlando with a semi-auto Walther P22 pistol
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Shooting in Orlando

Perfect family activity for kids aged 10 and above. Take a break from the theme parks for a couple of hours and experience the thrills of target shooting American style!

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Safe and Friendly environment

Shooting in Prague with pistols during a stag weekend
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Shooting in Prague

Top selection of shooting events at reasonable prices. Perfect for your stag do in Prague.

Group shooting in Budapest with real guns
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Shooting in Budapest

See our "Full Monty" shooting event featuring some top guns. Perfect for stag groups.

Group shooting in Budapest with real guns
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Shooting in Tallinn

We offer the best selection of guns anywhere in the Baltic or Nordic countries and a safe and friendly environment to experience shooting them.

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