Shooting in Las Vegas with a submachine gun

SUBMachine Gun Contest
Shoot a Real Submachine Gun!






Guns Las Vegas: HK MP5 Submachine gun


Guns Las Vegas: HK MP5 Submachine gun


Guns Las Vegas: HK MP5 Submachine gun

You'll be shown how to use a submachine gun, and have the chance to shoot it on full auto (that's between 10-15 shots per second!). Once you've got the hang of controlling this awesome firepower we will test you with a full auto target shooting contest with your group.

The person with the highest score gets a free souvenir T-shirt and some free bullets to blast it full of holes with their submachine gun. This guarantees your group event ends on an entertaining high (cool souvenir for the winner too!).

Use of a submachine gun and 100 rounds (i.e. shots) are included in the price. You also get to take your target back home as a trophy of this exciting and memorable group event.

Perfect event for stag parties or corporate group entertainment with a difference


Las Vegas
(5 mins taxi ride from "The Strip")


1 hour

(per person)


Other information:

  • Min 4 people - Max 8 people
  • Event uses approx 100 rounds per person.


Please read our

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