Limo Transfers

Prices & Contacts

The shooting range staff in Las Vegas are happy to assist you with ordering cabs at the end of your shooting event, but for groups of 9 or more we highly recommend pre-booking transfers rather than relying on taxis. This is because at busy times you may have a long wait for the return trip and your group is also likely to get split up because taxis can only take a few passengers at a time.  


At the bottom of this page are contact details and approximate prices for two freelance limo drivers. Neither of these drivers are connected directly with Top Gun Tours, so whilst we cannot guarantee availability etc we can say both gentlemen have been pretty reliable in the past and should work out better value for you than going through a big limo company or a hotel concierge.


Limo Prices and Contacts

Prices below are based on a pick-up from one hotel in Vegas (higher price if multiple hotel pick-up), and a return trip from the shooting range.  The drivers prefer cash payment if possible but they can also accept credit cards.


For both contacts it is best to call them after 11am local time (7pm UK time) as they work late shifts.  Please mention Top Gun Tours to get the better rates and try to give them at least a couple of days notice.


Jon 001-702-279-7638

Best for groups of 9-18 people (max 22 seats at a squeeze!). See photo of Jon and his limousine bus below - approx $100 each way including tip



Paul 001-702-810-7888
Ideal for groups of 12 - 25 (max 30 seats) - see photo below - approx $150 each way including tip.