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Full Monty Las Vegas

  • Min 1 - Max 12 people
  • Choice of 9.15am, 10am, or 11am start (afternoon slots may also be available but we require pre-payment in full due to higher cancellations and no-shows with afternoon groups).
  • Well equipped modern indoor shooting range located approx 10 mins drive/taxi ride from The Strip.
  • T-shirt and 2 paper targets included in price
  • You do not need a gun licence to do target shooting in Las Vegas but if you are not resident in the USA (e.g. if you are a British tourist without a residence and/or work visa) it is important that each member of your group brings along their individual "Formal Invitation" to attend the event as evidence that they have been admitted to the USA to take part in a lawful sporting event. This invitation is usually sent to you as a PDF along with your booking confirmation. Please print one invitation for each member of your party and make sure that their name is clearly written on it before you set off for the shooting range. Those unable to produce evidence that they entered the USA for lawful sporting purposes (i.e. the Top Gun Tours "Formal Invitation") may be in breach of Federal Law if they handle firearms or ammunition.

(Download a PDF sample of the "Formal Invitation")


Ammunition included in the event:

  • 4 different submachine guns - either 9mm or .45 calibre. 25 shots each gun (100 shots)
  • Pump-action shotgun (5 shots)
  • .44 Magnum Revolver (6 shots)
  • .50 Desert Eagle (3 shots)

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