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Shooting in Orlando with real guns is one of the top activities in Orlando


Orlando shooting range photo showing one of the top things to do in Orlando




Bring the kids too ...

We also have a special Mini Marksman programme using low recoil .22 calibre target guns for youngsters from 10 years old.
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Orlando gun shooting for families with kids

Try Shooting - Orlando

Escape the crowds and treat yourself and the kids to an experience of a lifetime!



The type of guns you'll shoot on this event
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Las Vegas Gun: .38 Revolver

.38 Special Revolver
(25 shots)


Guns Orlando: Glock pistol

Semi-automatic 9mm Pistol
(50 shots)


Guns Prague: M16

AR15 Rifle .223 (40 shots)


Plus a couple of shots with the legendary Dirty Harry .44 Magnum (pictured below) for those brave enough!

Las Vegas Gun: .44 Magnum Revolver

Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum Revolver (2 shots)

Give yourself and your kids a break from the crowds and theme parks for a couple of hours and experience the thrill of target shooting in a safe and friendly environment.

First you'll be shown how to use a revolver, the classic police gun of the 1970's and 80's, and if you're up for it, a couple of shots from the legendary Dirty Harry .44 magnum too.

Next you'll graduate onto a more modern semi-automatic pistol as carried by police and armed forces around the world.

Finally you'll be shown how to use a short rifle similar to those you’ve seen carried by police marksmen in the UK.

You get to take your targets, and a Top Gun Tours Gun Gremlin T-Shirt (complete with bullet holes you've shot yourself) back home as trophies of this fantastic experience. Highly recommended!

For children under 14 please take a look at our Mini Marksman programme which uses smaller calibre low recoil guns runs side by side with the adult event.





Event held at well equipped modern indoor shooting range in the International Drive / Universal Studios area 10 mins drive from International Drive or 30 mins drive from Kissimee. Full map and directions are emailed to you once you have booked the event with us.

Monday to Friday each week. Choice of either 10am or 2pm start times. Please arrive about 15 minutes before start time to register, pay balance, sign waiver form etc. These slots get fully booked up several weeks ahead so please book early to avoid disappointment!


Approx Duration: 1.5 hours.


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Orlando gun shooting is one of the top activities in Orlando
Specially designed "Gun Gremlin" each to shoot full of holes as a cool individual souvenir of the event!

To avoid disappointment please aim to book your Orlando shooting event at least 2 weeks before you would like to shoot because the range is often fully booked several weeks ahead due to high demand (especially during school holidays).


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