Prague Testimonials

Shooting in Prague

VIP Early Bird – Prague 23/10/10

My son and I did the VIP Early Bird program in Prague on Saturday and we had a terrific time!

We shared the transport from Prague with 2 other UK lads and had a little 4-way competition too. It was great fun. The whole outing was organised to perfection and the instructors were firm, but also friendly, helpful and very willing to chat. We are very grateful to everyone at Top Gun Tours. They are a thoroughly professional outfit and we had an experience worth every Crown! We would not hesitate to do it again.

Warren & Billy


VIP Early Bird – Prague 2/10/10

Just a quick email to let you know that my son and friend absolutely loved the shooting last weekend.  Would you please keep my email address and hold one place on the spring course for the two day rifle and pistol event. Many thanks once again,

Christina C.


Top Gun Firearms Academy 19 & 20 September 2010

It was a great two days, I've done some air rifle shooting in the past (mostly in the back garden) and I signed up just for the experience of using firearms unavailable to us in the UK and I'm glad I went. The transport to and from Base47 was always on time, the food included in the course was nice and drinks were always available.

The course on both days kept a good pace for both beginners and also those with a little experience, the pace was not too quick or slow and there was always an opportunity to ask instructors Martin or Radek a question.

I was surprised at the level of detail the course delved in, newcomers to firearms will greatly benefit from the short talk from Ian before proceeding to the range. You're informed of everything from how a bullet works to comfortable grip and proper sight picture on the weapons you'll be using.

The teaching of the safe handling of handguns and rifles, and also the various range safety rules that we were taught, will be very useful to me and also anyone looking to getting into target shooting at a gun range or even anyone new to firearms. I'd definitely recommend anyone considering doing just one of the Firearms Academy days to do them both..

You walk away equipped with the knowledge & skills to be able to visit any range and be handed a weapon that you can safely load, fire, unload then make safe again.

Thanks again Ian, Martin, Radek and Christina for a great two days

I will definitely be coming back for my handgun marksman badge,

Jack P


Top Gun Firearms Academy 19 & 20 September 2010

Just a quick one to say what an amazing day we had on Sunday.  I'm still having withdrawals from handing that Glock back, but over the moon with passing the NRA test!

If any new days come up I'll definitely be signing up for them, and hopefully bring some friends too.

Thanks again and all the best,

Stef P


Top Gun Firearms Academy 19 & 20 September 2010

What a brilliant couple of days. The academy was excellent and worth every penny. i can't wait for the next one, really interested in gaining my Marksman level.

Took my certificates into work and it really has generated a buzz amongst everyone, so I'm putting together a group of 5-10 to go to the Budapest range where i know they'll all have a great experience.

I'll keep you posted on numbers and dates. Many thanks to you and all the instructors.

Robert G


VIP Early Bird Prague - 3/10/09

Thanks for the info on prague, really enjoyed the gun trip, was very professional with good knowledgable instructors and a good varied range of weapons... Many thanks

Rik C


VIP Early Bird & Bespoke Sniper Rifle Package – Prague 28/7/10

Rob and myself got back from Prague at the end of last week and I just wanted to say how amazing the trip was. Rob smiled all the way home over his gorgeous Saiga 12, I thought my head was going to pop with excitement at the sniper rifles and all in all, we can't wait to return. Daniel, my trainer, is a complete star and I couldn't have hoped to be in better hands.

I know Rob has arranged to come back in September and, I think he might have all his bookings in place already, but I was also thinking of joining him. I would have a day to spare so I wondered what kind of package would be on offer to extend on what I learnt the other day ? I'm thinking of joining a rifle club over here so any kind of practice would be beneficial at this stage and, as I said, Daniel really was a brilliant and patient trainer.

Vickie M.


VIP Early Bird & Bespoke Sniper Rifle Package – Prague 28/7/10

Thanks very much for arranging the bespoke package.We had a brilliant time and the level of tuition was first rate, we both learn't so much

I'll be booking again soon :-)

Rob G.


Full Monty – Prague 26/6/10

Just to drop you a quick note and say that our group had a brilliant time out in Prague. The local instructors struck a perfect balance between range safety and knowing that we're out there to have fun, and we all just had a great afternoon.

Brian H.


Big Five - Prague 1/5/10

I would just like to say thank you for helping make Adam’s stag weekend to be almost unbelievable. The guys from the ranges picked us up promptly from our Prague hotel, gave us a good briefing when we arrived and conducted the ranges professionally with a fantastic array of weapons. Followed by a good lunch where we given the opportunity to reflect on who couldn’t hit a barn door at 10 yards! The entire shooting experience is one I will not forget for a long time even though I have spent 15 years in the British Army.

So once again, thank you very much. A highly recommended event.

Mark W.


Full Monty - Prague 20/3/10

We all had a cracking time at the shooting (apart from the bus driver getting lost on the way there!). The instructors were very good and make you feel at ease with the weapons and shooting. Thanks very much for your assistance in arranging this event.

Varinder C.


Full Monty - Prague 18/3/10

Thank you for this fantastic event- our colleagues enjoyed it really much.

Kirsika V.


Full Monty - Prague 20/2/10

Just a quick note that we had a great day. Very professional setup and very impressed.

Paul O.


Full Monty Prague - 8/8/09

All of my party had a fantastic time shooting and we have recommended you to a number of our friends, thank you again for helping make my weekend a great one.

Chris Buzzard


Full Monty Prague - 3/7/09

4 of us came to Prague in July to try out the "full monty". A great time was had by all and it gave us the opportunity to try out guns that we would never use in the UK. the thrill of emptying the magazine of an AK 47 on full auto will stay with me for a long time. overall the day was very well organised, the transport was bang on tome and the instructors were very friendly and help full. I will cherish my TOP GUN tee shirt that has holes shot in it from a 357 Magnum.

Many thanks for a wonderful experience.

Martin Wicker


Full Monty Prague - 3/7/09

Just a note to say thank you very much for organising the topguntour in Prague it all ran perfectly including pickup and drop off and the 'Stag' (my brother) loved it so all in all mission accomplished.

Many thanks again, 

Stuart Manley


VIP Early Bird Prague - 27/5/09

Myself and my two sons did the early bird shoot yesterday and we had a fantastic time. I have done a lot of shooting before so it was a welcome return for me, but my sons have only used guns a couple of times previously and they really enjoyed the experience. When shooting in the UK before it was banned i was a trained RCO, and i have to say the friendly and proffesional approach of the three instructors on the range was absolutely first class. Please pass on our thanks to them when you get the chance.

Michael Ball


Triple Guns Sunday Prague - 17/5/09

Just wanted to say a big thanks to you and your Prague team. We had a great day and tried out some of the extra guns too (the magnum nearly took my shoulder off). Your staff were very friendly and we had a good laugh with them too, including our minibus driver. I was personally chuffed to have won our mini competition with the rest of my party.

Philip Pitcher


VIP Early Bird Prague - 15/2/09 

Overall, I really enjoyed the training and would definitely do it again. The instructors were knowledgeable with training and patient with questions, and I think our entire group had a lot of fun. My only critique is that there weren't t-shirts for sale. Some friends of mine back home had asked me to purchase them souvenir shirts as well, but it sounded like they were only available for participants. Thanks,



VIP Early Bird Prague - 7/12/08

Everything turned out great thank you look forward to booking with you in the future.

Paul Flynn


VIP Early Bird Prague - 1/11/08

I would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks to the staff at your Prague site. I have shot in the States and in Cambodia so I was keen to have a good day. Overall the morning was excellent.  Taxi on time,  staff helpful,  good safety,  new equipment and only 1 jam. I would have liked the had a few more rounds in each mag for the money but they did a good deal on shooting 4 extra guns so overall I am very happy. Thanks...  overall....excellent.

Colin Friend


Full Monty Prague - 4/10/08

I felt compelled to drop you an email to say how much fun we all had at the Full Monty event over the weekend and to say thanks from the entire party.

The staff were fun, friendly and very professional - the best possible mix.

The experience is not something any of us will forget.

Seeing the shyest member of our party's huge grin after firing an AK47 on full auto is not something I'll forget anytime soon, and I'm sure that there'll be an awful lot of spontaneous grinning going on for some time as we all remember that day.

Suffice to say that you may hear from us again... ;-) Thanks Again.

Steve Harvey


VIP Early Bird Prague - 20/9/08

Just back from Prague. The service provided was top class and very proffessional. Everything was very satisfactory including the transport arrangements. We had a great outing that fully lived up to expectations. Best regards,

Ben Healy.


Big 5 Prague - 11/7/08

Just wanted to say we had an excellent time shooting in Prague on the 11th July - and thank you very much.  I won the competition - i think the other lads let me as i was the stag! 

Cheers, John Whelan


VIP Early Bird - Prague - 12/7/08

Just a quick email to say what a great day we had on the VIP Early

Bird in Prague.  It's been a while since we've been able to shoot the

range of weapons we had there and loved every minute of it.


Stefan Harris


VIP Early Bird Prague - 9/7/08

I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for an excellent day had on 9th July. From booking to the event on the day everything was well organized and easy to arrange. All the staff I had dealings with from start to the end are a true credit to the company. 

Thanks again. Dave Tebbutt.


Full Monty Prague - 28/6/08

Thanks for sorting that out - had a cracking time - everyone enjoyed themselves very much.

Kind Regards,

Phil Jones


VIP Early Bird Prague - 1/6/08

Hi mate,just got back from Czech republic,beautiful cities,scenery and people and shooting with your instructors just put the icing on the cake!

What a nice bunch of guys,highly skilled,always professional and instruction second to none,shooting the small arms was great but your instructors made it a day me and my mate won’t forget,especially as it was his first time abroad,but definitely not his last.thanks for a great time.

Mark Bower, Birmingham


VIP Early Bird Prague - 15/3/08

Just a quick email to let you know the shooting trip on the 15th of March went extremely well, my friend and I both had a great time and the guys that ran the event were very friendly and professional who made the whole experience better than last time. 

We will no doubt be using you in the future.


Martin Miller


Full Monty Prague - 8/1/08

Just wanted to drop a line saying we totally loved the full monty experience and it made our trip to prague. The staff at the range really were the friendliest and most pleasant people in prague and i can without doubt tell you i will be back and will be telling friends and family about this unforgetable experience. Many thanks again

Had the time of our lives and just wish we had spent our full 4 days in prague based at the range. AMAZING.

Here are a few pics from the event for the gallery. Looking forward to receiving my bullet pen !

Alan McKinney


Big 5 Prague - 7/12/07

What an amazing day! I can’t express how good this event is. I also won the competition (which was good). The guys that ran the event were extremely professional but at the same time informative and friendly. 

I will recommend you to anyone thinking of taking a trip to Prague. 

We will hopefully be returning in Dec 2008 and going shooting again. 

Many thanks 

Steve Patrick


Full Monty Prague - 24/11/07

Many thanks for a fantastic day out, we will all definately be back! Here are a few pics for your website. Many thanks,

Olly, Phill, Dave & Russ


Full Monty Prague - 18/7/07

Firstly I would like to thank you on behalf of the entire stag group for organising our Full Monty shooting experience on July 18th.

Having been one of the many in the group that had no previous experience with guns (other than water pistols and cap guns as children!) it would now appear that the majority, if not all of the group would highly recommend trying this at least once to everybody.

From the sheer look of frightened anticipation on some faces whilst squeezing the trigger of the pump action shot gun for the first time, all the way to the childish grin of mischievous satisfaction when presented with the AK47 - This was a day to be remembered by all of us.

Competition was fierce but hardly world beating. The sheer power of the weapons on display left most of us in awe of their ability.

Upon completing the day we accept none of us would be marksmen in the near future as many a target would go by unblemished! Although we certainly had the enthusiasm!

Our driver met us punctually at a Go Karting track in the middle of nowhere and safely transported us to the shooting event, taking us back via a number of drop offs afterwards as well.

We all appreciated your organisation of this event.. It was smooth, efficient and professional and most of all you were very helpful at all times and provided me with an excellent service.

On behalf of myself and all who attended with me, thank you very much.

It was a blast.

All the best

Matt Middleton


Full Monty Prague - 21/7/07

a massive thanks to you and all your team at Top Gun Tours range near Prague. I booked my own version of the full Monty July 21st using 8 different guns for my stag party of six mates from my own local gun club and as shooters we all agreed it was the best day's firing any of us have ever had. Favourite was the Skorpion machine pistol what a fun gun, your range crew were fantastic. We will certainly be going back with a bigger group. I highly recommend to any one try this out its safe its big fun and you will never forget your trip to Top Gun Tours Prague. We had a blast! [Photos]

Steve Lee

Isle of Wight


Full Monty Prague - 21/7/07

Just a quick note to say thanks for a great day - Everyone had a fantastic time and I would happily recommend this activity to anyone heading over to Prague...Top quality entertainment! Kind regards, 

Matt Owens


Four Guns Prague - 13/7/07

Thanks for booking this at such short notice.

Excellent tuition in Prague, great time had by all. We shall all be reccommending you and your site in the future.

Pete Ballam


Full Monty Prague - 14/7/07

Top day out. Very professional outfit. Friendly instructors. Great range of guns. Would recommend to anyone who fancies trying shooting guns.

Brian Graves


Four Guns Prague - 22/6/07

The shooting was brilliant!! I've never tried a semi automatic shotgun before, that was excellent!

Bo Vestergaard


Six Pack Prague - 8/7/07

As you know myself and a friend booked a shooting event in Prague a few days ago and I'd like to write to say thankyou for the good communication and helpfulness from Top Gun Tours with the booking, and also that we had a really fun day at the shooting and will hope to do it again sometime! Please also pass on my thanks to the two instructors in Prague for a great day.

Guy Hagan


Big 5 Prague - 22/5/07

Thanks for putting the video of us up on your web site, We had the best day experiencing shooting all the guns in the big 5 and the extra ones we had to shoot for the video footage. The instruction we were given was first rate and from the moment we arrived we were able to relax and enjoy the day.We will definately be having another day out with Top Gun Tours in the future. 

Thanks once again, 

Jason Mayor


Full Monty Prague - 23/6/07

I was part of the O'Hara party for the Stag weekend in Prague and the highlight of my visit - and possibly my life - was the Full Monty competition with you guys at Top Gun Tours!!  Thank you for an excellent day, it was highly enjoyable and a great experience to fire all those weapons!!  We are still arguing which gun was the best.  I would like to say that the whole thing was very organised, with great instructors and will be recommending this to everyone I meet.

 I have added some pictures to add to your rogues gallery.

 Thanks again and kind regards

 The O'Hara Stag Party (Scott Hainsworth, Martin O'Hara, Matt Brooks, Martin Baddely, Paul Groves and Darren Thatcher)


Full Monty Prague - 19/5/07

It has been a week ago since we encountered the best High a Male Testosterone could ever experience, Top GUN Tours in Prague, absolutely fantastic, out of this world.

For myself, I had never held a real firearm, but the buzz you get after your first shot, you are hooked. the whole experience of being in such an enviroment with a A.K or a M-16 or even the clay pigeon shoot, what a RUSH.

The whole staffing infrastructure is so Professional, safe, but make it so much fun, they are the best in there trade in my eyes, so a massive thankyou goes out too the chaps who were there on the day for the best time ever.

Already, all the lads from the Stag Platoon are asking when are we going back, because, I think I'm talking for everyone who was there that weekend, We Want More, and More, and More.

Thank you Top Gun Tours, and anyone thinking what to do for something different on a weekend or a Stag Doo or what ever, I definately recomend Top Gun Tours.

Thank you once again and see you very soon

Andy Hukin


Full Monty Prague - 14/5/07

My name is Phil Brooks and I was part of a stag party that visited the top gun guys. It was very professional and well organised but most importantly it was alot of fun, totally awesome in fact. Getting to fire a real machine gun was amazing. If I go back to prague I will defiantly be doing it again, the whole group of us did not stop talking about it for the rest of the weekend. Great value for money, kind regards Phil



Full Monty Prague - 5/5/07

Just dropping a short line to say thanks for a great day at the range in prauge. EVERYBODY had a brill day.A special thanks to all the staff also secound to none. very helpful and professional. Will never forget the day.Thanks again.

Liam Kenny, Dublin; Ireland


Six Pack & Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) – 25 & 27/3/07
My name is Phil Tull i was a part of the wade party on the 25th and 27th of march, i would just like to say what a fantastic time we had, being a firearms fan and having a small collection of ww2 deactivated firearms it was dream to get to fire the ppsh 41. The instructors that looked after us for those two days were very friendly and professional which allowed us to have a laugh and bond with them.

Please pass on our thanks to the fellas at the range, we hope to book up again in the near future. Thanks again to everybody involved at TOPGUN TOURS.

Kind regards, Phil Tull.


Big 5 (Prague Shooting Event) - 24/3/07
just a quick e-mail to thank you for a great day shooting. best thing i ever did, all 12 members of my stag agreed. only one regret is that we didnt book more guns! cheers

Roy Mayne.


Big 5 (Prague Shooting Event) – 4/3/07
thank you for arranging the five guns event on sunday, all 13 of us enjoyed the day and it topped off a great stag do in prague, i especially enjoyed the sniper rifle, pump action, magnum and ak47. once again thanx

Antony Doran (Surrey)


4 Guns (Prague Shooting Event) – 2/3/07
Absolutely awesome day out, excellent value for money and I would have no hesitation in recommending "Top Gun Tours".'

Glenn Westbury


4 Guns (Prague Shooting Event) – 2/3/07
'Fantastic day out, really enjoyable. We had a party of 20 guests and everyone enjoyed it and would go on another one. Real great fun!'

Scott Brooker


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) - 13/1/07
I went to Prague with seven of my friends for my stag weekend, we booked to go shooting with topgun,from the very moment we booked, the team at Topgun were so professional, I was kept up to date by email regulary,when arriving at our hotel in Prague the people carrier was there to take us to the firing range, when we got there we were not let down, the team of Topgun instructors couldn't have been more professional. The instructors were first class, we were all given instruction, first on safety and then on each of the firearms. we were all having a good time and we hadn't even fired a shoot yet, The guns were all amazing, this was the best money we ever spent, I would and have recommended it to everyone. After our time at the firing ranges we were all taken in from the cold in to a worm cabin and given a filled baguette and some fine local beer along with a certificate for the best shoot (me). IF YOU ARE VISITING PRAQUE ? SHOOTING WITH TOPGUN IS A MUST 10/10. A BIG thank you to all the team at Topgun. Kind regards,

Francis drake.


4 Guns (Prague Shooting Event) – 29/12/06
Thank you! It was great fun and all the guys had a fantastic time. I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone planning something similar. Many thanks again and a Happy New Year to you both.

Stuart Duncan


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) - 24/9/06
Very professionally and safely run. We are all still arguing over which gun was most fun, this will be talked about for years to come…. Regards

Howard Sones

A very satisfied customer


Big 5 (Prague Shooting Event) – 23/9/06
The shooting event was great. Everything went perfectly. The transport was on time, the events themselves were great fun, and the tuition was very professional. I would definitely recommend it. If you get the chance, please pass on our thanks to all involved. Regards



Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) – 16/9/06
It was excellent fun and the lads really enjoyed themselves. The event was extremely well organised and most importantly we felt 100% safe all the time. Many thanks for your help.

Nigel Hooper


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) – 9/9/06
just to say our whole group had an amazing time in prague. the shooting experience was a once in a lifetime experience. send our thanks the instructors at the range. it's a weekend none of our group will forget.

Matthew Symes


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) – 7/9/06
We had a great time, thanks for asking. The team picked us up bang on time, took us on a comfortable ride to the range and I was really impressed with the safety procedures on the range itself. I would recommend the trip to anyone.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Robert Oliver MBBS Lond.


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) – 7/9/06
Thanks for sorting the shooting out. Had a great day, everything was so well organised. It was a good laugh between all the boys. I would recommend it to anyone going to Prague. Thanks again for everything.

Kind Regards

Dan Felce


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) – 27/8/06
I would just like to thank you guys for an amazing trip doing the 'Full Monty' it was brilliant, an awesome way to end the weekend. It really made the Stags last days of Freedom. the pick up was great and the instructors were very good but the shooting was something else. Thanks again

Chris Cook


Big 5 (Prague Shooting Event) – 26/8/06
The event was excellent and the service was first-class. Would definitely recommend the Big 5 package to anyone - young or old. There were sixteen of us and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Definitely a highlight of our weekend.

John Richards


Big 5 (Prague Shooting Event) – 12/8/06
After the shooting in Prague I went straight to Africa and have only got back to work today. I have some pictures I could send you if you wish. I spoke to your colleague who said he would like a picture of the stag shooting at a drawing of his future wife who was being taken hostage. He used a sub machine gun that he wasn't entirely in control of when it came to aiming. But was good fun. I think there was a mention of a rogue's gallery, or something.

The whole group had a truly amazing time. We all started off a little nervous but really got into it. The day was truly the highlight of the whole weekend. Most of the group have had several dreams about being in the SAS or just generally shooting things afterwards. For me, I think it was the sound of loading a gun, the clicking noises of the Magnum hammer, or sliding back the pump action shot gun. Noises you hear on TV all the time but in reality it was much, much cooler.

Also, the chance to share a few beers afterwards and talk through the days events was great. Pick up and drop off was also very efficient. A fantastic day. Plus, the help with you both was also very useful.

Rob Dominic


Big 5 (Prague Shooting Event) – 5/8/06
Many thanks for organising the shooting we all thought it was excellent


Stuart Dudley-Ward


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) – 5/8/06
We really enjoyed it, the pick up was on time and the instructors were friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend it.

Jon Cleaver


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) – 4/8/06
We have come back from Prague and would just like to let you know that the shooting tour was fantastic and enjoyed by all. Thanks for arranging everything for us. Thanks,

Tim Rush

Try Shooting (shooting event in Prague) – 26/6/06
Excellent time had by all! Shooting went down really well. Thanks

Nick Peake


Four Guns (shooting event in Prague) – 19/8/06
We had a great time, and would recommend your company to anyone. I would definitely remember the day.

Mayur Kachhela


Four Guns (shooting event in Prague) – 17/9/06
The trip went very well thanks and the shooting session was definitely the highlight. Much fun had by everyone and a great team building exercise - thanks very much for arranging this.

Henry Braithwaite
Operations Director


Four Guns (shooting event in Prague) – 4/11/06
Just a quick note to say thank you for the 4 Guns Contest in Prague. Feedback from all who attended was that the event was excellent so thank you for all your efforts in organising. I will recommend you, (and in fact already have to one person!), to anyone I think may be interested.

Dave Weal


Big 5 (Prague Shooting Event) – 30/7/07
We had a fantastic time, all the arrangements went like clock work, the van that picked us up from the hotel was smart, the range was smart, well presented and felt "professional". The instructors echoed that, everyone in the group remarked on how well it all went. You should be getting a booking from another group based on our experiences shortly. Says it all really!!! Thanks again.

Sean Carr


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) – 22/7/06
Just wanted to drop a note to say how much we enjoyed the big 5 in Prague last Saturday!!

The guy from Top Gun Tours that was over there said he would forward us the photographs that he took whilst we were shooting. Could you please forward them to this address as soon as they are available.

Thanks once again for a great day, thoroughly recommend it!!


Stephen Hogg.


Big 5 (Prague Shooting Event) – 22/7/06
First may I say that Ian was a real gent and we all thank him. The shooting event was fantastic, the best thing we did all weekend and an experience we will never forget, what an adrenalin rush.

The first gun I have ever fired was a Magnum 45, wow!, I am still smiling, brilliant!, it has to be in "the top 10 things a man has got to do". The lads are still buzzing with their stories about the guns fired, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, what an experience.

The range felt very safe, the supervisors were firm with there instructions and in total control at all times, very reassuring, a very professional setup all round. A well worth trip that I would recommend to anyone looking for a break in the architecture.

And what a result I came first, there is some justice.

Kind Regards

Chris Tolcher


Six Pack (Prague Shooting Event) – 20/7/06
Only thought, is that it would be a great idea if one of the instructors taped the whole experience. It's a day that I'm sure every participant would want kept on video.

Apart from that, we thoroughly enjoyed the day!

Thank You!!! :o)

Alex Arico


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) – 15/7/06
We had an excellent time at the shooting range - definitely exceeded our expectations! - Guns were all patiently explained by the instructors and we were given as much time as we wanted. We will be booking again next time we go!




Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) – 8/7/06
The shooting event was most enjoyable and seemed to be well organised at that end as none of us came back with any holes in us or the like. The staff were knowledgeable, friendly and fluent in English. The only change I would possibly make is some new toilet facilities but that's really nit picking.

Many Thanks,

Richard Wood


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) – 24/6/06
The shooting event was excellent, driver arrived bang on time in a good quality minibus. Shooting was exactly as advertised and very well organised. The competition element also made it more enjoyable.

Can't complain really everyone commented on how good value it was and what a good afternoon they had. Would definitely recommend it!




Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) – 10/6/06
Just a short note to say how much we enjoyed the "Full Monty Plus" last weekend. Probably the best time ever.

Many thanks again. Next time we go we will definitely book again. Thanks and regards

Kevin and the boys


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) – 9/6/06
I would like to say the group had a BRILLIANT time. We all thouroghly enjoyed it and hope to go to Prague again just for the shooting!!!

It was a little expensive but after you start you forget about the price and at the end of the session you feel it was money well spent. I have recommended this to all my friends and hope to go again in august/sept.


Jay Patel


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) - 3/6/06
Sorry, I should have sent you a note as soon as we returned - the shooting was great! Very well organised, great instruction and great value for money - it was the high-llght of our weekend. Thanks again

Best regards

Glenn Stewart


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) – 27/5/06
They thought it was fabulous and they will definitely be recommending you to their friends and colleagues.

Thanks and I will certainly be in touch



Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) – 19/5/07
We had a wonderful time, everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly, thank you.



Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) - 27/5/06
Many thanks to your team for fixing up our shooting at such short notice. We had a fantastic time and I will strongly recommend you to anyone else I know who are travelling to Prague. The travel arrangements went like clockwork. The facilities, instructors and guns were first class and a great time was had by all. My colleagues and I are still grinning.

Thanks again

Dave Pedley


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) - 22/5/06
Just a quick thank you email, the shooting experience in Prague went very smoothly and had no hitches even given the number of changes we requested - overall we both had fun during the day and the staff were excellent. I will certainly use you again in the future and recommend you to my friends and colleagues. Cheers,

Martin Miller


Full Monty Plus (Prague Shooting Event) - Prague 12/5/06

We all had a fantastic day and we are still talking about it!! We had no idea what to expect, we thought we might be there for about an hour but 3 hours later we were still shooting!

The instructors were very professional and were happy to explain things we wanted to know about the guns. Even though their english was limited they did everything they could to help.

I would definitely do it again and would recommend you guys to anyone. 95 more than well spent! If you want to use that as a testimonial then be my guest. I've attached a photo too if you want to use that! Don't laugh at my T-shirt though!

Many thanks

James Mattam


Full Monty Prague (Prague Shooting Event) - 23/4/06

We all really enjoyed the shooting with the pump action, sniper and the clay pigeon shooting among the favourites for our group. Already there is talk of repeating the event the next time we are in Prague (some people are bad losers and want revenge!). The pick-up when smoothly and everything was as promised. It was a very enjoyable day with some truly impressive weapons to fire. 

We look forward to repeating the experience in the near future.

 Mike Maclennan


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) - 3/4/06

Just wanted to say me and the lads had a great time! The guys were brillant! If we're ever in Prague again would definately do it again! Say hi to the lads for us! Cheers

Steve, Leeps, Daz


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) - 20/2/06

Thanks again for sorting out the Full Monty trip for us! We had a great time!

Chris Corkish


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) - 17/2/06

Hi there!

We're all back and surprisingly without any lasting or serious wounds. Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome day and I'll be booking with you again in the very near future.


Peter Basham – Middlesex


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) - Oct 05

It was the best day out in a long time. Thanks a lot for arranging it!

It was great I will be going back next year. The people at the range were very helpful. I will never forget it!

Alex MacKenzie


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) - Oct 05

The Shooting day was absolutely fantastic. We all had a brilliant day. Very professional and well organized. Thanks.

Andy Turner


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) - 8/9/05

It was excellent we will definitely be going again in the new year!

Thanks for all your help.

Vu Quach


Full Monty (Prague Shooting Event) - 11/9/05

Hi, the gun tour was cool, very easy, someone came and pick us up, and we had some food, but more importantly the guns was awesome. Do it again when going Prague. Thanks

Kaj Johal


Five Guns (Prague Shooting Event) - 6/5/06

Yes we had a brilliant time shooting in Prague! It was a fantastic day, and we all really enjoyed ourselves, the venue and guns were amazing and left us wanting more. All agree that we should have gone for the Full Monty! The instructors were very friendly and helpful and special mention must go out to the lead instructor who was very warm and welcoming.

Will definately be recommending your company to others in the future.



Five Guns Prague on 22/4/06

Cannot thank you enough for arranging the day.  What a superb day!!  I was toying with the idea of doing quad biking or the guns but I definately made the right choice.  You're always told about the recoil on firing guns but you need to actually do it to realise how powerful they are.  The instructor also made our day as well due to his knowledge and sense of humour. All of the lads enjoyed it and if I'm ever in Prague again, I'll be shooting!!!! Once again thanks for an amazing day out.

Darren Hogg


Five Guns Prague on 24/4/06

We arrived in good time and were made very welcome by the staff at the centre. After a quick cup of coffee we were issued with our safety equipment and briefed on the competition and the safety instructions. We then took turns to fire the awesome guns, with the instructors taking time to explain in great detail each guns operation and aiming points. At the end of the competition the points scored were counted up and gold, silver and bronze medals given to the top three (I managed bronze!). We also got to keep our targets, which is a great reminder of a great day. The staff then booked us a taxi to take us back into town. We all agreed it was a fantastic experience and couldn't have been better organised. The shooting centre was very impressive and the staff were very friendly and helpful. We are all very grateful for your help in booking the event for us and have already recommended you to some friends who are thinking of visiting Prague soon.

Thanks again,

James Hopkins


3 Guns Prague 13/5/05

I just wanted to say thanks for a great day out on the 13th.

Our whole group really enjoyed the day and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Prague.

Donna Bedford


Try Shooting Prague 22/4/06

We had a brilliant time thanks. The chap who took us there was very helpful as were the gents at the shooting range. Couldn't fault it. Thanks

Adam Morey


Try Shooting Prague 22/4/06

The weekend was fantsic and the shooting was amazing all 9 of us loved it. Thanks

Adrian Roberts


Try Shooting Pus Magnum Contest Prague 14/4/06

Everyone enjoyed the shooting event, although I only came 3rd in the competition. I have recomended you to a number of people who are traveling to prague. Thanks

Mark White


Try Shooting Pus Magnum Contest Prague 14/4/06

Just wanted to say we all had a great time when we went to your shooting range in prague, highly recommended, and the magnum contest at the end was top, even though I didnt win the t shirt. Cheers,

Andy Horsfall


Try Shooting Prague 7/4/06

We had a great time, thank you. Everyone was very friendly and the tuition was very good. Enjoyed it tremendously and it really made my Stag Weekend.


Andrew Longland – Hampshire


Try Shooting Plus Magnum Contest Prague 26/2/06

Hello, I and everybody who attended the shooting would like to thank you everybody involved with Top Gun Tours for an excellent experience. The whole thing went of without a single glitch.

Many thanks.

Joe Temple


Try Shooting Prague 1/8/05

Just a quick note to say many thanks for the shooting trip in Prague...Was a very good event which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Paul Hart


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